I wonder how I could go through my life without knowing what yoga is until I started yoga teacher training in 2012. As soon as I finished the 200-Hour Yoga Instructor Training, I decided to become a teacher and attend more training to know my body better.

In 2014, I received 300 hours of training from Jivamukti Yoga. This time, I became more interested in the philosophy of yoga, which appeals not only to my body but also to my soul and affects my thoughts. I both gave lectures and wrote the book “Yoga with Life” about the philosophy of yoga by delving into the depths of philosophy.

With the end of the book, I wanted to consolidate my knowledge on movements and the organization of the lesson by taking another 200-hour training from Timo Wahl Yoga in Germany in 2020.

During my classes, when I discovered how yoga and human psychology are connected and the language of the body, I first studied body therapy and then psychological counseling. While I was writing my psychological counseling thesis, I talked about “the coexistence of yoga and different psychological approaches and their effects on human psychology”.

I continue to give private lessons to get to know the language of the body better. At the same time, in psychology and psychiatry clinics, I deal with the subject of how the restriction of body movements due to stress can be transformed. I try to explain and teach my clients how they can use yoga to move in harmony with the body.