Communication with the body

I’m reading Eric Berne’s book these days, it’s called “Games people play”. I was at the consulate yesterday to witness the election; I met a lot of new people. People I have never met, people whose lives are very different […]

Exploring with Art

Last time I went to the Iyengar Yoga class in Jivamukti Paris, our teacher said, “Take 3 blocks (2 thick, 1 thin) and 4 blankets with you”. In Iyengar Yoga class, it is necessary to do the movements with these […]


Visayavati-Va-Pravrttih-Utpanna-Manasah-Sthiti-Nibandhani- 1.35 Patanjali’s Sutra Through the experience of perception, called Visyati, the mind attains stillness. As a writer, journalist and editor Brenda Ueland says, “You are unique, as you are not like any of the beings that have been created […]

Natural Disasters and Emotions

The other day, while listening to people at work, I thought, what happened to us, what we felt at that moment, the choices we made as a result of those feelings, and the events that developed after that actually affect […]

Thoughts that come to mind

When we think that there is not much left to learn or see, we think that life has come to an end. What we actually do is to fill-up time and wish for another time to open. As a child […]


I started knitting recently, when my collage try outs did not reflect what I wanted, I said I’d make something I know. I have forgotten that it has been years since I have not knitted, there is no person left […]


“Art clears the dust on the perception.” I saw this statement at the door of an art gallery last night while touring the city. I did not understand what it meant at first. I clean my house every day because […]